Whoot! More mindless information that I thought you should all have and read through.

As you all ready know it's a bring you own everything. So i thought I would write up a list of what you might want to have packed and some other information that wouldn't hurt to know :D


-Toliet paper
-Food (junk or all ready cooked food)
-CD player
-Sleeping supplies (sleeping bag/blankets; Pillow; mat;teddy bear)
- Creature Comforts.
-Extra Clothes
-Bathing suit(?)


As I have been asked way tooo many times when it is. It is Monday. June 26th, 2006 directly after Prom ends. We will change out of our pretty dresses, (or not) then get in cars and take off. It will be around 1 in the morning by the time we get to the beach, so if you need supplies make sure that you have them before we start out because there is no way you can get them later afterwards!!!!

I think that is everything. If you have any questions, complaints or concerns talk to Louise or I!

Okay wondering if we can have a list of people that will be coming and who they plan on bring. I don't want anyone getting stranded without a drive so I hope that we can start to plan the driving and such now. So if you are coming and you have a car then please let us know. If you are bringing people let us know....If you have to meet with people/parents then we will try and get everything orginazed....

Remember to bring a change of clothes! us being in dresses and all!!!

Please give me a list of who you might be brining so we know! Thanks!

Ta Ra!

Alright. Another UNSAFE GRAD update. Yay.
Some interesting news and facts about the holy party that is unsafe grad.

There is room for quite a few tents there. However, since most of us are going to be at prom, which doesn't end until midnight, meaning you people won't be at the beach until about an hour later, tents will have to be set up before hand, or if you really feel like setting your tent up at 1 in the morning.
Amelia and I are offering a "tent crew" service. If you wish to have your tent set up before hand, but can't make it down yourself, we'll set it up for you for a small fee, depending on tent size and difficulties, but it will be at a reasonable price. (come on, guys.. amelia and I need booze moneys.) Twice the fee if we have to take that shit back down again, too :P
Also; the ground is made up of rocks... sooo.. you might want to take a mat, or blowup matras or something to lay on. (or blowup doll.. if that's what you prefer.)

There is also spots for parking. So take your little cars along. HOWEVER, anyone who drives, is NOT allowed to leave again if they have touched any alcohol at all. Amelia and I will be enforcing a "key drop-off and pick-up box". Just to ensure that noone goes driving while drunk. It's not negotiable.. if you don't like it, don't come. NO ONE who drinks OR does drugs is driving.

Bring as many people with you as you like. BUT there will be no fighting, yelling, sex in public, being an asshole (AKA having a big ego), no emo-shit or overall stupidness. I don't care how drunk you are, you're walking your ass home if you're a dumbass.

AHHH, class is over, I need to post.

See Amelia and I for details, questions and concerns.

Alrighty children.
Unsafe grad :)
Prom is on Monday, June 26th. Prom ends at 12 am.
Since no one knew where we were going to have unsafe grad, I have thought of a place to go.
Beach in Bramber area.
Invite your buddies.
It's strictly B.O.Y.-shit.
So that means:
bring your own booze.
bring your own pot.
bring your own sleeping shit.
bring your own food.
bring your own everything.
Also arrange your own ride.

Please no drama or drowning.
Everyone will be obligated to have "buddies" so that no one goes missing or gets washed out to sea.
Plans or lacation may change.
I'll update more later.