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I want to have a party!

I'm thinking tents on my fabulous new lawn. A bbq 'cause we bought a new one. A fire, drinking, toking, etc.

Can anyone make it to brooklyn for one of these? It would be a 'bring anyone you want, I don't really care' kind of party cause my new lawn is muuuuch bigger than the last.

I want to toast to the end of summer!

Anybody? Bueller?

When? We can try and make it happen. Pass it to nikki, and if I wanted...I could get home and sleep in my own bed. Wick Idea Kathryn!

Thanks for coming to the party at nikki's, I never got to say goodbye. *hugs*

I'm thinking before my surgery, which is the 23rd.
Surgery, I hope everything is alright. Surgery not that scary, if you need to ask some question, I havemuch knowledge about the subject.

That sounds wonderful, I so busy in the next little while.
well my surgery is just for my teeth, so I'm hoping it is pretty routine. but thank you darling!

hrrm kathryn you should have it on the 20 at the earliest :P

please? if not ill be there in spirit